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    We realize some of you may have some questions about this program. Maybe how it works, who can use it or how long does it take to get merchandise. So we have created this section to hopefully "pre-answer" your questions. If you don't find the answer to your question below, please feel free to click on "contact us" and let us know. We are here to help!

    WHEN DID YOUR COMPANY BEGIN? We began in 1979. For more than 30 years we have been helping over 2,000 clients a year with online company stores and over 750,000 personalized products and services, nationwide.

    WHO CAN USE THIS EMPLOYEE STORE? The products offered in this store are available to all SCAN Health Plan employees, vendors and business partners, and friends of our company.

    ARE ALL YOUR PRODUCTS IN THIS STORE PERSONALIZED? Yes. All the items we offer include some form of personalization. Most apparel items include embroidery and t-shirts are silk-screened. For promotional items and gifts, we use other personalization methods.

    CAN WE REQUEST DIFFERENT EMBROIDERY OPTIONS? No. This is an official company store program of SCAN Health Plan and the use of the logo, placement and colors meet official corporate guidelines. And cannot be altered in any way.

    DO YOU PERSONALIZE ITEMS ONSITE? Yes. Unlike other marketing firms who offer company stores and send ALL the personalization out, we personalize over 90 % of the products we offer in-house. Because we have our own equipment, we do 100% of our own embroidery.

    CAN MY ORDER BE SHIPPED? Yes. UPS comes by our facility twice a day every day. So while we usually ship items by ground, if you request it, we can ship faster (for a little more money).

    CAN WE PICKUP ITEMS FROM YOUR FACILITY? Yes. We are located approximately 25 minutes from your Long Beach office in North Orange County, in a city called Fullerton. We are open Monday – Friday, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

    WHAT IF I DON'T SEE WHAT I WANT IN THE STORE? Feel free to contact us with any requests you want. Because this is an official company store, we will need to obtain approval from Human Resources to offer you the item with the official logo.

    HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PRODUCE AN ORDER? All orders ship in approximately two weeks. To help keep the cost down we try to hold orders until we have 5 or more pieces to embroider at one time.

    WHAT IS THE "QUICKSHIP" SECTION? We have selected certain items you can get quickly if you want. By ordering any of the items in this section by NOON, Monday – Friday, we will ship them in 5 days or sooner. Items can be "will called" at Fullerton, CA to avoid shipping costs.

    DO YOU HAVE AN APPAREL SIZE CHART? Yes. Look at the navigation bar at the bottom of any page. Click on the link. Please keep this in mind. The products we offer come from a number of different manufacturers and sizes do vary. We offer this chart to assist you in making the best selection. But it may not be perfect for everyone.

    WILL THE COLORS OF YOUR ITEMS VARY? We have to say yes. For example, you may order an item in pink or light blue. This color can change depending on the garment and the manufacturer. This is out of our control.

    IS THIS EMPLOYEE STORE SECURE WHEN ORDERING? Yes. This site includes an SSL certificate to protect your credit card information.

    DO YOU ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS? Yes. We accept VISA and MasterCard only.

    ARE SHIPPING CHARGES FIGURED AUTOMATICALLY WHEN I ORDER? Yes. And we only ship through UPS. (we really like brown)

    HOW DO YOU DETERMINE YOUR PRICING? We shop our prices against major retail stores. We try very hard to offer our items at retail prices … and we include embroidery.

    CAN WE USE THIS SERVICE FOR A PERSONAL NEED LIKE A WEDDING, FAMILY REUNION OR SPORTS TEAM? Yes. But the official company logo cannot be used in any way. Contact us and we will be happy to prepare a quote and timeframe for your event.

    WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? Our goal is to make you happy. So we understand that problems happen. So if you buy something and need to return it for any reason within 30 days, all we ask is that it is in good condition. For apparel, this means it can't be soiled or has not been washed. Simply ship it back to us (or drop it off) and we will refund your purchase price, via the same way you bought. If you paid cash, we will return cash, if you charged it, we will issue a credit within 2 weeks.

    DO YOU OFFER A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE? Yes. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We understand that sometimes sizes will not be correct. But we ask you to please try to make the best size selection possible because returns cost money. We have tried to offer your company the lowest prices possible, so we are working on very tight margins. But we do want you to be happy with your purchase.